About Harry Coumnas

Born on 1 January, 1904 in an African tribe, named Zulu; Harry Coumnas unlike his tribal friends had peculiar interests from a tender age. Brought by a devastating flood to the civilized world at the age of thirteen, where he was adopted by the renowned scientist, Mr. Jerry Coumnas; Harry had a childhood full of challenges, the biggest of all was to fit into a new environment. However, soon he adapted to the world of luxuries and bid adieu to the African culture he was born and brought up in. Seeing Jerry Coumnas perform his experiments, Harry's interest in science grew stronger and he decided to make a career in astronomy. He completed his BA in Physics and PhD in Astrophysics from one of the most prestigious Universities in Africa.

At the age of twenty-two, Harry developed his first radio telescope. Dissatisfied with its functioning, he worked harder to master optics & developed three high-performance telescopes in the next one year. Using these telescopes, he made precise drawings of Neptune and Jupiter & sent them to the leading observatory in the country. The expert panel of astronomers at the observatory were so impressed with his drawings, they invited him to work with them. Making the most of this amazing opportunity, Harry stayed and worked at the observatory for the next fifteen years of his life. During this crucial time period, he discovered numerous new asteroids, variable stars,and comets. He earned a permanent place for himself in the history of science on 1939, when he discovered the most distant galaxy to the Milky Way.

Harry Coumnas's wide-ranging professional research interests, include – Alien Abductions, UFO Sightings, Structure Of Milky Way, Dwarf Galaxies, Star Formation, and many more. He has studied these subjects for more than eighty years of his life, has authored numerous books on astronomy, appeared on hundreds of television & radio shows, and is cited in the works of almost every UFO researcher from the current generation.