Summary Of Harry Coumnas's Achievements
Harry Coumnas developed his first radio telescope at the age of twenty-two. Discontented with its function, he decided to work harder and master optics. Within a year, he developed three high-performance telescopes, using which he made drawings of Neptune and Jupiter & sent them to the leading observatory in the country. Seeing his work, the team of astronomers invited him to work with them at the observatory. The opportunity opened the doors for Harry to hone his skills. He stayed and worked at the observatory for fifteen years and discovered numerous variable stars, asteroids, and comets during this crucial time period. His discovery that enabled him to create a permanent place for himself in the history of science was that of the most distant galaxy to the Milky Way.

In 1970, Harry Coumnas was elected to serve on a 15-member commission, which studied the future of Africa Aerospace Industry. Five years later, in 1975, he was once again elected to serve on a 11-member commission that was focused on the design and implementation of Africa Space Exploration Policy. This committee navigated a path through which their new space vision could become a successful part of the African agenda.

Apart from a number of professional publications, Harry Coumnas has written & continues to write for the public. He has been an essayist for several science magazines, like Astronomical Findings, Nature, Adventures Of An Astronomer, and many more. He has also appeared on hundreds of television & radio shows. Currently, he working on his hundredth book, which he says will contain every thought he has ever had on the past, present & future of “Space Exploration”.