Research Areas

Planetary Exploration & Exoplanets
Planetary Science is the study of planets, moons, & planetary systems; along with the processes which form them. Harry has spent many years of his career studying objects as small as micro-meteoroids and as big as gas giants. His researches were aimed to determine these astronomical objects' history, composition, formation, dynamics, interrelation with other objects.

Galaxies Across The Universe
Harry has been studying the history & evolution of galaxies since the very beginning of his career. Due to his deep interest in the subject, he was able to discover the most distant galaxy to the Milky Way at a very young age.

Star Formation
“Star Formation” - It is one of the subjects that intrigued Harry even when he was a child. Based on his scientific study on the subject, he says, “ Star formation is the process by which the dense regions in molecular clouds collapse to form stars.”

Possibility Of Life On Other Planets
Harry believes that Life on Earth has evolved from the chemical reactions, which eventually formed cellular membranes & proto-DNA. According to him, these chemical reactions might have originally started with some complex organic compounds, like – nucleic acids, lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins in the atmosphere & ocean. As these “precursors to life” exist in most of the planets, he says that after some years, life will definitely evolve on them.

UFO Phenomenon
Harry is a staunch believer of extraterrestrial life. According to him UFO's visiting the Earth are as real as the air-crafts, which fly over our head. To ensure the success of his research on this subject, he is even talking to people, who claim to have witnessed UFOs.